Thursday, October 15, 2015

Overdue Update...

As you can probably tell from the picture to the left, over the past few months my world has been turned upside down!

Please visit my new online home!

A lot has changed in the past year.  My husband's father fell ill after Labor Day last fall, and my husband flew out to be with him for a few days.  Those three days turned into six months.  Sadly, my father-in-law passed away after battling his illness and I am forever grateful that my husband was able to spend those precious months with him.  It was difficult for the girls and I, but we managed.  Our homeschool year did not go as planned, but it did go.  My husband came home and we tried to finish out the year and the summer by getting back on track and back to normal.  

Then, at the end of July, my husband decided he wanted to move back to the town where he grew up.  We've been living in Maryland since 1999 but both he and I grew up in the SF Bay Area and he told me he is ready to switch back to the West Coast.

I cried.  I threw up.  I drew some angry pictures and wrote some angry words (that I promptly burned so he wouldn't see them).

And then I thought about how supportive he has been over the past sixteen years.  He moved with me to the DC Area when I started law school, he didn't complain when I withdrew from Georgetown Law to stay home with our kids, he wasn't in love with the idea of homeschooling but he stood behind me, and he uprooted our family from the metropolitan suburb we were living in to The Middle of Nowhere, Maryland when I pushed him to do so.  And now he was asking me to support him.  How could I not?

So in August, I flew out with him to CA and we secured a house - a total dump that needs a massive overhaul.  And is one-third the size of our current house.  And cost us so much money that I feel sick thinking about it.  We'll be doing a whole-house remodel and addition work (from 3000 miles away) over the current academic year, and we plan to move this summer.

It is a stressful process, and one that is not without sacrifices.  I work part time, I'm in grad school, I just started a writing internship, I volunteer (too much - I need to learn to cut back), then there's homeschooling, and now we've added coordinating a whole-house remodel AND prepping our house to be sold AND packing/moving... It was too much.  I can handle a lot, but my heart felt like it was going a million miles per hour and I couldn't sleep.

Something had to give.

So after much back-and-forth and soul searching, I enrolled my girls in public school the day before school started this fall.  Yes, you read that right - the day before school started.  They handled it okay.  Well, most of them did.  My third daughter had some serious adjustment issues but she's doing better now.

And I had to make the decision to delay my graduation from my MFA program by a year, moving from full-time to part-time status.  I spent a full day crying and bewailing my fate.  (I'm over it now.)

It's been difficult.  It is difficult.  I'm trying to focus on the positives (like being near my sister and her family, the weather, etc) and trying to focus on my work (because it helps pay the bills) and my writing and art (because they are my true loves and are what will get me through all of the stressful days ahead).

I've started a writing- and art-focused blog, which will include posts that will be helpful to homeschoolers looking for writing assignments and art projects.  I'll try to cross-post them here, and please check out my new site from time to time!

I'm not sure what will happen when we finally land in California - whether we'll jump back into homeschooling or if the girls will balk after experiencing school for the first time.  I'm willing to let the chips fall and figure that out after they do.

Best wishes on a wonderful homeschooling year!

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