Friday, August 1, 2014

Homeschool Room - Redone

Reading Corner
Time For a Change

Now that I'm homeschooling middle and high school girls, it was time to change up the school room and make it a cool hangout for tween and teen gals (plus a 30-somthing mama).  I spent a good part of two weeks cleaning out, rearranging, decluttering, and decorating.  Here's the (almost) finished product.  I'm still working on organizing the kids' desks as well as wall art, but so far it is a much-improved room.  I'm actually looking forward to starting the year off in this space!  The best part for me is a new (to me) desk repurposed from one of my girls rooms - it closes (to hide my clutter) and has an attached bookcase for storing my supplies and books.  Love it.

Every year I try to create dedicated spaces for different things.  This year I revamped the "art corner" (mostly because our art supplies are so numerous that they do not fit into this corner and have been almost completely removed from the school room) and turned it into a reading corner.  This is my favorite space in the room (aside from my new desk), and if I could I'd spend a large part of every day snuggled up reading there. 
The "Before" - in the midst of sorting

The "After" (well, almost ... still finishing up here and there)

Bench covers to match the curtains.
The History Corner

Two of my daughters' desks - still working on this area... The upper bookcase holds the art books and a few art supplies that we use on a regular basis.  The drawers are great for storing paper, cardboard, and misc. craft items.

Another daughter's desk - plus the bookcases which house science, lit, poetry, geography, & math plus serve as "cubbies" for the girls texts, books, binders, etc.

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