Thursday, July 17, 2014

9 months - Time Flies

It's been over nine months since I've written a blog post ...
People have babies in that amount of time. 

My best friend and I were discussing our (very under-posted upon)  blogs, and as such I've decided to write a post.

So much has happened since my last post, dated October 1, 2013.  And that post wasn't a "real" post - it was a link to a fabulous giveaway.  I digress.  In October, I was chin-deep in my graduate studies, trying to balance a full class schedule, homeschooling four girls, working part time, and all of the other household/mom/wife/volunteer duties that we all have.  Flash forward to July -- I've withdrawn from my graduate program, my youngest daughter started at a small, private, "special" school in March, and I'm still trying to get a grasp on the other household/mom/wife/volunteer/work duties. 

Facing me now is the prospect that my oldest daughter is officially starting (homeschool) high school this fall.  Pressure!!  I know logically that I should not be stressed about it as much as I am.  But it feels so "real" compared to all of the previous years.  I just don't want to make a mistake and jeopardize her ability to get into college and feel secure in her learning.  She's requested some distance classes so I've enrolled her in a few at Williamsburg Academy and an AP class at Mizzou online high school.  I will absolutely post reviews as we go along, especially since I had desperately searched for reviews during my decision-making process.  My next two daughters are entering 6th and 7th grade.  We used Oak Meadow last year, but while I love many parts of Oak Meadow I feel that these daughters need more in the way of writing instruction.  My third daughter, in particular, struggles with basic writing assignments, so we will be utilizing some aspects of Calvert and an eclectic mix of other curricula, including a Leadership course through Williamsburg Intermediate

Additionally, I'm redoing our homeschool room for the umpteenth time.  Every year I hope to avoid the re-do, and every year I'm sorely disappointed.  At least until after I'm done cleaning and clearing out.  Then I'm ecstatic with the change.  So I'm hoping for the same jubilant reaction this year, although right now I'm fairly disgusted with how much trash we manage to generate and the need for rearranging the furniture.  Again.  However, having one daughter enrolled full time in school has freed up a desk space and shifted who-sits-where in the school room.  I've been moved from the largest table to the smallest desk, which works for me since with more space I tend to accumulate more paperwork and trash. 

Here's to summer and new school years! 

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