Thursday, August 15, 2013

Sailing School

Our summer usually ends with sailing school, and this year was no exception.  And after three years of sail camp, the girls are ready to join in the fall racing clinics so that next summer they can participate in the sailing regattas which take place all around the Chesapeake Bay.  Go girls! 

Sailing is fun, but there are also valuable lessons which apply to life.  For example, the kids learn to pay attention to the details around them.  Little changes in the wind or on the surface of the water can have big repercussions.  They also learn that you must watch out for yourself and others.  Being careless can result in capsizing or injury.  Additionally, they learn that they can't control everything - the wind blows the way it wants.  Instead, they learn to adapt and make changes along the way so they can still arrive at their destination. 

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