Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Review: Time4Writing

My daughter successfully completed her course at Time4Writing - Elementary Paragraphs.  She absolutely LOVED this course.  She looked forward to the individual feedback provided by the instructor, and she has told me that when she write other things she often thinks about what she has learned in the class.  The online course is easy to use and straightforward.  There are instructional videos, writing activities, and quizzes.  The class progresses over eight weeks from the understanding how a paragraph begins (topic sentence) through writing an entire narrative paragraph.  While the assignments are not overly difficult, my daughter was encouraged to think critically about creating topic sentences, which types of details to include, etc. 
Time4Writing is not only for homeschoolers, but I do believe that for those children looking for a "school" experience, it provides the outside feedback and interaction.  My daughter looked forwarding to receiving grades (something we don't really do at home) and enjoyed reading the comments the teacher wrote.  She worked hard to improve when she made mistakes - something that doesn't always happen as readily when it is Mom providing that feedback!  It is not an inexpensive class, but the staff and teacher are very communicative and want your child to have a positive experience providing help when needed, responding to questions, etc.  It is not a the same as buying software - you really do get a personal aspect with the course.  That being said, one thing which I think would have improved the experience is the inclusion of a "conference" area for students so that they could interact with each other.  For example, each week the teacher could pose a question and each student could answer, commenting on the other responses as well.  
Overall, I recommend Time4Writing to anyone looking to improve writing skills and provide an interactive experience with outside feedback for their children. Please feel free to comment or email me with specific questions!

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