Monday, June 10, 2013

Time4Writing - mid-course review

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Time4Writing with the opportunity to have my daughter try a course in return for a candid review.  I elected to have my 9-year-old daughter complete the Elementary Paragraphs course.  As of today, she is approximately halfway through the 8-week course.  Overall, my daughter is enjoying the experience although she has struggled to tell me what it is exactly that she actually enjoys.  She has told me that she likes it because it is a fun way to improve her writing, but pinpointing exactly what is fun for her proves difficult.  She likes the activities, and I know she enjoys receiving feedback from the instructor.  For my part, I am impressed with the fact that the instructor responds to emails and questions fairly quickly (especially after my daughter broke her arm and had a harder time typing).  The instructor also provides feedback on my daughter’s work that is constructive but does not lead to my daughter feeling like she didn’t do a good job on the assignment.   Another positive aspect of the course is that it is broken down into very manageable assignments and not much time is required on a daily basis to keep up with the course schedule.  In Elementary Paragraphs, this is perfect as it meets the attention needs of the target audience.  Lastly, my daughter seems to be retaining what she has learned - a huge positive.

We still have 4 weeks to go, so I will write a final review after my daughter finishes the program.  I hope to see her improve even further, especially with her writing mechanics. 

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  1. My son completed a middle school course a while ago, and he loved it. He actually had asked for help with writing (mechanics and grammar), so he was very excited when the course began. Throughout the course, he appreciated being accountable to someone other than mom and dad for a change, lol. He is looking forward to taking the next course, so I'm really happy about that! :)

    I hope you and your daughter enjoy the last half of the course, and I'm looking forward to checking back with you to see your final thoughts! :)