Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Story Quilt Book Reports

Story quilts are a fun way to create an out-of-the-box book report ... even though they are actually in the shape of a box.  There are as many ways to design a story quilt as there are stories, and as such are never boring.  I've created a little "cheat sheet" that can be used as basic guide, but it can easily be altered as needed (normally I like to credit sources and I used several different websites for inspiration when making this sheet, but unfortunately as it was a while back I do not remember which ones). Quilts can be used in other subjects as well - history, science, art, grammar ... the list is endless.  They may also be as large or small as desired. My favorite way to "sew" a quilt together is to mount each square on card stock and use ribbon or yarn to connect the squares together. I hope someone finds this source useful - enjoy!

Please click to access Story Quilt Guide.

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