Monday, March 11, 2013

Missing in Action - An Update

Homeschooler at the Food Bank
I cannot believe how long it has been since I've posted ... wow.  As much as I enjoy blogging, I also seem to drop it like it's hot as soon as I get busy. And busy is my middle name these days.  Somehow I seem to add to my schedule every year when every year I swear up and down that I am removing obligations. But in all honesty, the busyness is worth it when it is all about the kids or giving back to the community (see photo).  

There is no possible way to catch up on the months gone by, but we are still homeschooling and still (for the most part) enjoying it immensely.  Today marks the start of Week 25 in our homeschool calendar, which means we are closing in on the home stretch as we begin our last quarter of the academic year. 

I've learned much this school year. I've learned that children only become more complicated and challenging as they get older (I knew this, but this year it really, really hit home as three of my four girls have hit different stages of puberty - fun stuff).  I thought it was difficult when I had a couple of babies and a couple of toddlers, but now that I have tweens and (yikes!) one that will turn 13 soon I have to say that it's a good thing humans continue to learn and adapt as we age otherwise our children would quickly outsmart us and we'd be left scratching our heads and wondering why we're doing dishes while they are out at a One Direction movie (please note: if you do not know what "One Direction" is you are not the parent of a teen or tween girl).

I've learned that giving my children more and more independence with school work and work around the home is beneficial to all parties involved. 

I've learned that despite having a fantastic laundry schedule (in which all of the girls do their own laundry) I still have to be the taskmaster in this area to ensure it actually gets done in a timely manner. Or suffer from HCLS - Hidden Clean Laundry Syndrome - in which clean laundry is mysteriously found under beds and in corners of closets.

I've learned that I truly enjoy teaching.  A friend and I offer a writing class to middle school girls and I absolutely look forward to this class each month.  It's a highlight of the month for me.

And I've learned that while it's important to keep looking ahead and plan well, I also can enjoy the daily moments.  I have always tried to do that, but I feel that this year I've succeeded better than others.  That probably goes back to that humans-continuing-to-learn-and-adapt-as-we-age thing.   But I've learned to accept that life happens despite my plans and to enjoy it.

Hopefully as we round the corner toward the finish line of this academic year, I'll post more frequently... but as life somehow continues to happen despite all of my well-laid plans we'll just have to see how it goes.

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  1. At least you stopped blogging because of being busy, and it sounds like it's pretty much been a good thing. :)

    Pre-teens... augh. I'm dealing with the pre-teen boy emotions these days. Fun, huh?

    Oooh, a writing class for the middle schoolers sounds enjoyable. As long as you are happy and life is moving merrily along, I think that's what matters.