Wednesday, October 10, 2012


My oldest daughter is learning about the French Revolution and the Fete de l'opinion, the festival day in which the people were free to criticize their rulers, without fear of punishment, "in the form of songs, caricatures, and ironic and sarcastic speeches." (Thank you Wikipedia for a succinct definition - mine would have been 2 pages long.)  To experience this properly, I told her to pick something - a rule or condition in our home - with which she disagrees and either write a song or draw something to express her opinion against "the standing reign." 

She chose to express her disagreement with our "no iPhones or iPod Touches for children" policy.  Here is the cartoon she designed.... I think she did a great job, and I know she had a lot of fun with this project. =)

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  1. LOL!! I know both of my kids would pick the same rule to disagree with. Great project and great poster. Thanks for sharing the idea.