Wednesday, October 17, 2012

ART PROJECT: Day of the Dead Metalwork

 A friend and I alternate teaching a once-a-month art class to 10 homeschool children ages 8 - 12 (funny thing - this is only 3 families, including my own).  This month I thought it would be fun to do something spook-inspired in honor of Halloween, but I feel like we've done so much traditional Halloween art that I thought investigating a different culture might be fun.  As such, I searched around and found a very cool project over at Dick Blick - Day of the Dead Triptychs.  I knew that in the time given there was no way the kids would be able to complete all three panels. My goal was that they each fully complete one panel, hopefully two - and they did. In the two hours allotted, each child was able to complete a completely metal-and-paint panel and one with a paper maché skull.  We were also able to incorporate a quick Day of the Dead lesson (though shamefully I forgot my laptop on which I'd created, if I do say so myself, a pretty awesome power point presentation that included many pictures of beautiful DoD artwork) and a snack of pan de los muertos, baked (and completely veganized) by my friend. I combined my children's creations to make triptychs (and one bi-panel) and we're using these to decorate our home.
If you want to give these a go you should know that the panels were fairly inexpensive, though mostly because I bought in bulk (just don't tell my husband!) to bring the cost down and used paint & tools I already owned.  I figured it cost approximately $1.50 per panel, maybe a little more but close enough.  If you don't buy in bulk the cost will probably at least double. And if you don't have metal embossing tools you'll either need to buy them or go without. The kids actually used the blunt end of paintbrushes to do most of the work, but I also have some tools (a crimper, stampers, etc.) that they were able to work with.

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  1. I love this idea! I work with copper myself and also teach a children's art class so this will be perfect. Funny, I never thought of painting the copper. I also used to homeschool and taught art off and on to a bunch of homeschoolers over the years which was great fun!