Monday, September 3, 2012

Back-to-Homeschool Self-Portraits... Modigliani Style!

As a fun back-to-homeschool project, we created these Modigliani-inspired self-portraits.  Modigliani is perhaps best remembered for his elongated portraits, and the idea for this particular project was inspired by Kathy over at Art Projects for Kids.  Two of my girls felt frustrated at the start of the project because the placement and size of the facial features is not what they are used to drawing. However, all were extremely happy with their results.  These are completed on large paper, the drawing outlined in Sharpie and then colored with crayon.  The girls signed the bottom with big, cursive signatures (blacked over in the photo).  I think if we were to do it again I'd use oil pastels as I believe the stronger color would result in a more dynamic picture. However, I love them even as they are! Super fun, quick, and a great way to get back into the artistic swing of things.

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