Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Organizational help ... please!

In order to absorb the wisdom from other homeschoolers, I posted the question over at Secular Homeschool - but I also wanted to re-post here!

We had some construction at our house this year, and as such my very well-organized school room suffered a massive blow. It now looks like a crazy zone with stuff everywhere, piles, and haphazard bookcases. I lost valuable wall space as a double door was added in the back (in a room with many windows - lovely for light, but hard for storage) and had to swap out bookcases. This caused organizational death to all of my HS materials. I had had everything set up for the year, and after the construction I just threw things onto bookcases (and spent hours searching for stuff all spring). It's really bad.

I'm now looking to re-vamp the space before we start the next academic year. I'm wondering what are some favorite organizational tools, bookcases, storage units, etc., for fellow homeschoolers. Here's what I'm considering so far:
Here's what's not working:
  • regular bookcases for school work (not the ones I had before) - they aren't deep enough and stuff falls over
  • storage cabinets/bookcase combo (from Ikea) - things just get lost and I end up buying stuff I already have
I would love to hear how others organize - what are your best items? I do use shoe boxes a lot, but they are falling apart now.

Any ideas and/or photos and/or links are warmly welcomed!! =)

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  1. I'm not a home schooler, but I am quasi obsessed with organizing things. The Container Store is one of my favorite places, and they have some great options.

    I bought about 12 of these colored stacking storage drawers to curb the toy clutter in our living room. They're great because they are DEEP. The colored fronts are also see-though, so they help my kids 1. know what is in them and 2. help them remember where things go. For my own sanity, I put labels on the handles so my husband and I could quickly sort the toys as well. (I'm also a label freak.)

    My configuration is 4 drawers on the left, 3 drawers in the middle with an open basket on top, and 4 drawers on the right. If you were to make all the drawers the same height, you could easily put a flat surface on top to 1. steady the stack and 2. serve as display/table-top space.

    Hope that helps!