Monday, June 25, 2012


I have never used Complete Curriculum, nor am I affiliated with it in any way. I just thought I post about it as the savings until June 30 are amazing (over 90% off) and I figured a post like this might be beneficial to someone.

I learned about Complete Curriculum over at Secular Homeschool. I had never heard of it, and because of the price I decided to investigate. Based on the name & website, I expected to find it boring and incomplete. I was pleasantly surprised instead as the program looks pretty good - good enough to be a "spine" if someone is looking for a planned program. And for $5 you don't have much to lose. For that price, you will get a 12-month subscription and the ability to choose 10 "textbooks" from the K-12 grade levels in either Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and/or Math.  You do have to print everything out yourself, but the program allows you to add content to any lesson you'd like. For example, if the lesson is on poetry you could add a YouTube video of a relevant poem or two. Or if it is a science lesson on atoms, you could add videos, PDFs, etc., to that lesson.  When I looked at the samples on the website I thought the program looked boring, but once I was able to look through the entire year I changed my mind. There are a variety of activities - writing, drawing, labs, oral presentations, computer work, etc. 

If you have used this program, or plan to use it, let me know what you think!

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