Saturday, May 26, 2012


We have LOTS of yarrow growing in our front garden... and I'm excited! I know about the medicinal properties of yarrow, but have never attempted to do anything with it. Actually, I didn't know this was yarrow because I always thought yarrow was white. However, now that it's confirmed I've decided that, because it is literally taking over (surprise), I am going to try to a few herbalist remedy recipes (say that three times fast). And have the girls help me. We really should all have gardening journals - well, we did once upon a time though they are long since forgotten. Time to dust them off and begin again. I think yarrow will be a great place to start as instead of just eating it like we do most of the plants around our house we can do something different with it.

Oh - and if you live near me and are in need of yarrow I have plenty to spare!


  1. Beautiful! That should be fun to try! I just started a nature journal with my five-year-old, and I hope we keep at it. So far he tells me he only wants to record animals in it. Hmmm....Maybe I need to start a gardening journal to get him to write about plants too!

  2. Yarrow is great, and grows in lots of colors (we get pink and purple as well as white). Just know that the flavor is VERY can be used as "poor man's pepper". I've had wonderful yarrow tea though. Have fun!