Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Take Your Child to Work Day 2012

Last Thursday, my husband took our four daughters to the office for the annual Take Your Child to Work Day event. He had an all-day training seminar, and while the girls were occupied in the morning with the seminars and activities for the children I'm not sure exactly how much they took away from the program after lunch - they watched a movie in a conference room until my husband came to get them. I wasn't overly concerned as selfishly I love to have the day to myself. :)  I still haven't received a good explanation as to why the kids are dressed up in the photo. The morning seminars covered global economics (e.g., converting currency between the UK and the US), a teleconference with the folks over in one of the UK offices, speed networking (in which one of my daughters was teased for being homeschooled), and other such activities. My husband was told at least six times, "Your children are so well behaved - is this because they are homeschooled?"  In summary, at least half the day was valuable, spent learning and interacting in meaningful ways, and the other half was spent being somewhat bored and zoning out in a conference room. My husband tells me this is an accurate portrayal of working at a large, international bank. =D

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  1. Yeah, why the dress-up? That's odd. I've never seen bankers who look like that! LOL Maybe it was casual Thursday? :D