Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Philadelphia Museum of Art


It's been a while since I took the girls to an art museum. We used to go almost every other week ... in fact, at one time I believe we had memberships to four or five different art museums  And I think I burned out.  I'd say it's been over a year since the last time we went and all of our memberships have expired. But today we took a field trip with some fellow homeschoolers and enjoyed a group 'school' tour of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I am grateful to my friend for proposing and organizing the trip. 

The girls had a good time and on the way home they asked if we could go again next week (although I secretly believe their favorite part was lunch with friends on the Washington Monument at Eakins Oval!).  We do a lot of art projects in our house, many based on famous artists. But it's always so nice to see the real thing. And our tour guide was good with children - she was engaging and didn't overwhelm them with too many details. Overall, a successful trip and a reminder to go more often!

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