Wednesday, March 14, 2012

African Animals

My two middle daughters have been doing all things African  - from a MBtP unit they read an Akimbo book as well as Africa for Kids (and made several projects out of the book), they've been learning the geography through books and websites - plus 10 Days in Africa, which my friend turned me onto. They also learned about the myriad of problems many African countries and the people living there face. We are now sponsors of a little girl in Mali - it is very exciting to be a part of someone's life - someone we've never met - who lives half a world away. We are all writing letters to our new 'sister' and can't wait to hear from her.  To show off their knowledge, they put together an amazing power point presentation - I wish I could figure out how to post it here.  In addition, the girls are fascinated by all of the different wildlife in Africa. They made these posters about endangered animals - each picked an animal and wrote about the species.


  1. We just finished the Africa unit. We are almost done with the Asia part of the unit. I wish we had found all the fun that you did in the Africa part of the unit. I was really excited about this whole unit, but the Africa part we found pretty dry.
    Way to go at making it such an enriching experience for you kids and the whole family!
    K Coake

  2. Hi K,
    We are actually in the same place - this project was from last week. I usually add in lots of hands-on stuff and my kids were really into it. With the Asian section, I found the MBtP section totally dry... I ended up ditching the quilt squares all together and instead we're doing something completely different. I'm actually thinking of just designing my own entire program... but ah, the effort involved.... :)

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