Friday, January 13, 2012

Slave Story Quilt

Wow - it has been months since I posted! The combination of me being in school and working two part-time jobs, plus the holidays just made for a huge delay. One of my new goals is to post at least once a week - posting to this homeschool blog allows me to see our year in snapshot form. I enjoy seeing the things we've done, and I enjoy going back and reading about my thoughts at certain points in time. So despite my busy schedule, I will endeavor to post once a week. :)

This week, my oldest daughter embarked on a unit about the Civil War and Slavery. Today she made a paper slave story quilt. Each of the nine squares is illustrated with an image or scene that depicts something she found important to share about slavery. She read several slave accounts, two history books on slavery, and a collection of primary resources to come up with her ideas. Her quilt looks beautiful. Unfortunately for the photo, she did the illustrations in colored pencil so they are very hard to see (she has a light touch). She enjoyed binding the images together with yarn. Initially she wanted to write a journal entry from a slave perspective and skip this project. I encouraged her to try the quilt - it is my belief that sometimes kids need a gentle, encouraging push out of their comfort zone. She told me later that she is delighted with the finished product and is glad she did the quilt. She's also decided to write the journal entries anyway as she loves writing so much. :)