Friday, November 18, 2011

Dynamite Dioramas

My two middle daughters have had a busy week full of projects. On Wednesday they each made a diorama of an ecosystem - they chose Under the Sea and an Alaskan Ecosystem. The older daughter (Under the Sea) is creative, but impatient. Her diorama has the different elements, but she lost interest when it came to the details - hence, the animals aren't colored, nothing is labeled, etc. The younger middle daughter (Alaskan Ecosystem), however, is a kid that really follows through. She colored everything, created multiple levels, labeled the different roles in the ecosystem, added elements like a forest that she crafted out of leftover materials, and really did a knock-out job. I think both are cute, but the Alaskan Ecosystem really shines.

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  1. Another GREAT project! I like this one...think we'll try one!