Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Great Buy

So... I have yet to use Intellego Unit Studies, but have looked at them seriously over the past year. They are secular and seem to have great activities. In fact, a week or so ago I asked around to see how people that use them are liking the product and found the general response to be very positive. Still, I didn't buy. Then today, I found out that they are 45% off at Homeschool Buyer's Co-op. Perfect! Now I can try a few without breaking the bank.

I am specifically interested in how they work for the younger crowd as I'm trying some new things with my youngest daughter this year. If you've used Intellego please write a comment about your thoughts and which units you've found to be the best. Thanks!


  1. I bought a few of the K-3 units when they were on sale at CurrClick awhile back. My DD has been showing a lot of interest in maps lately, and that its one of the units I had, so I broke it out a couple days ago, and we started today. 3 out of 4 links didn't work! :o(
    Hoping we have better luck tomorrow. (And I learned to check the links before we are sitting down to work on it together, because she was obsessed with re-checking them all day! [she is just 4])

  2. I've heard that before about the links. How annoying! Do they have updates available? I hope it goes better today - let me know!!