Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Calm Before the Storm

Before the endless hours of practice and performance,
before the rush of getting in and out of the car,
before being early, being late, trying to be on-time

Before the planning, scheduling and the projects,
before the library programs and bowling days,
before the meetings and events, groups and get togethers

Before the storm of life, before the excitement of chaos
there is a calm, a relaxed tranquility of peace

This weekend is the last of the calm before the storm of our normal lives kicks back in. We will soon be back to our swim practices, music lessons, drama classes, various clubs and meetings, exercise programs, library book clubs, and weekends full of religious eduction at our fellowship, swim meets, nature programs, etc. There is a beauty in the busyness, in the sharing of experiences and expanding of boundaries that leads to incredible growth. And I find time within all of this for quiet moments at home, unhurried days of leisure... but the reality is that life is very busy and I've enjoyed the lack of structure these past few weeks have offered. So I'm soaking it up this weekend as we get ready to head back into the eye of the storm on Tuesday. :)

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