Thursday, August 18, 2011

Outside the Box

Well, or maybe inside the box if I'm being literal....
My youngest (who is most definitely an outside the box thinker who marches to her own drumbeat - and any other cliche you can throw in there) is addicted to re-purposing boxes. It doesn't matter the size (she has used teeny, tiny boxes that came in a kit to build furniture and held the nails), the color, the shape. You name it, she can find something to make out of it. Today, I found her in the recycle bin. She had already pulled a big box that came from Swim Outlet (new suits for the new swim year - and I kid you now, this box arrived looking as though it had been run over by the delivery truck), several raisin boxes, a black box that came from what? I don't know (must be something my husband had), and a box that some dried beans arrived in when I ordered them in bulk. She turned these items into a cool little car with a steering wheel, side mirrors, a center console and a radio. It also has a handy pull made of hemp twine in case you feel like pulling it instead of riding in it (or if your American Girl doll wishes for a ride).

I wish I could find our camera snap a photo of her sitting inside her box. Too cute. I hope it lasts until tomorrow as I suspect the camera is in my husband's truck...


  1. Do you know the picture book Not a Box by Antoinette Portis? It's a simple one, but this made me think of it.

  2. No - I was not familiar! I just looked it up and will check it out when we're at the library. Thank you! :)