Friday, July 8, 2011

My Other Blog

I've decided to finally bit the bullet, and start a food blog. I love to create meals, snack, desserts and drinks, and for a long time my husband has been encouraging me to keep a record of my creations. As my spiral notebook isn't particularly inspiring, I decided a blog would be a better fit, hence Real Family - Real Food was born. Check it out if you're interested! :)

Here's a bit about my blog from the first post:

"I am not a trained culinary artist, nor do I play one on TV. I am simply a lover of real food - fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, grown, cultivated, and harvested in harmony with Mother Nature. I became a vegetarian at the age of twelve, was diagnosed with Celiac disease after the birth of my fourth child, and two years ago became truly aware of the raw food movement (though I did have an encounter with a raw food "nazi" after the birth of my first child that turned me off for years). I don't enjoy labels, so I don't call myself and the way I eat by any one name, though high-raw vegan would be a close fit. Although it changes from week to week, at the moment my favorite foods are kale, mango, almonds and hemp. I am starting this blog to record real recipes (or recipe look-alikes as I'm not a strict measure-and-weigh kinda gal), made with real food, for my very real family of six. I plan to give each recipe our "real review" with a rating of 1/6 to 6/6 (one for each person that enjoyed the food), plus a comment from each taster."


  1. cool! I will add it to my list (non-flesh eating, non dairy consuming eater whatever it's called, -myself)

  2. This is great, we are slowly moving into a vegan diet so we are searching for books/blogs with yummy, easy recipes.

  3. @ Holmes Family - Awesome! I'm always inspired when people make the change. It's truly life altering and so worth it. :)