Thursday, June 16, 2011

Year-Round School

So now that we're nearing the end of the year-round school year, I remember why I stopped doing it two years ago:  At this point in the year, it sucks.
  • All the kids around us are out of school
  • It's sunny (for the most part) out
  • We've been at it since September, and even with the extra breaks we've had it feels like quittin' time
  • Most of our extracurricular activities have ended...
... I could go on and on, but I'll stop.

We are finishing up the year and should be done by early July, but I'm feeling done now. Part of it, I know, is that my work schedule is busy and balancing work plus everything else is difficult. But part of it is the weather, the added options (like the outdoor pool), more free time for the kids now that activities are winding down, etc., etc., etc. I know that we could stop at any time - we've certainly covered enough to qualify for the school district. But I've looked through what we have left and I truly want to finish it. So I'm ignoring my truant self for the time being.  And I've already cut down on what we're doing to lighten the load, so it is quite manageable.

That being said - we're done for the day and heading off to the pool!


  1. I was in the same spot in early May, but I was glad that we muddled through. Of course, my problem was that this was our first year and I was out to prove to myself and everyone else that i could do this! I went waaaaay overboard and did too much. Like you, my work was busy as I had two grants to buy homeschool stuff for the library.

    But after a month off, we are going to try to school year round and re-train me. We are doing a really light load and hoping that by schooling over the summer, we can be a little lighter and take more breaks the rest of the year.

  2. I know what you mean;) I so wanted to get thru a bit more before we tested but didn't get to it;( So we are taking a break until July 11th (works out to be about a month off)the only reason that I will start back up again is so that we don't have to do review FOREVER in the fall. BUT thinking it might be much lighter or only 3 days a week at first! It's funny when the moms are ready before the kiddos;) Have a WONDERFUL break!!