Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Taking a Break

Ahhh, I wish this meant I was going on vacation! No - I broke my arm yesterday & as such, typing is seriously slow and a pain! So I will be much less wordy and my posts may be fewer and further between!  I don't even have a good story... I tripped wearing old, stretched out flip-flops in the garage and hit the open edge of the trunk of my minivan. On top of the break I have a pretty slash on my forearm. I'll be totally fine, but this is a serious pain in my, er... eh-hem... "arm."


  1. oh no! what a total pain in your er...arm. and everything else. At least you have a pretty pink cast. maybe you can have your girls decorate it for "art class". Anyway, feel better and heal fast!

  2. oh no!! Gee that brings back memories. I broke my elbow when I was 30 weeks pregnant with C....so about now 3 years ago. Tripped on a paver outside! I need 3 screws to get it back together......hope the healing process is swift.

  3. Thank you both! So glad it's only "thwacked" and sprained - huge relief.

    @ Kylie - UGH!!! What a horror story!! I hope your arm is now 100% with no residual problems!

  4. Ouch! I love that pink cast, though!
    I hope you heal quickly!