Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sew Much Fun!

Okay, that's a really cheesy title, but it's fitting - we had a lot of fun sewing skirts today. Each girl made herself a skirt (with varying degrees of help). The girls each used the same basic fabric, but individualized the skirts by changing up the length, fit, and notions. Sewing is a good lesson in patience, which, by the fourth skirt, I have to admit mine was waning a bit - hence, these are "fly by the seat of skirt" skirts - which is code for "pattern free."  We simply measured, cut, ironed and sewed. The waists are simple elastic. And the girls couldn't be happier. And at this age, they are so small that they can easily get multiple skirts out of a yard of fabric, so they are all now looking forward to hitting the remnant bin again!  They proudly wore them to the Post Office and loved all the attention the ladies there gave the skirts. They were even given ideas for their next projects. My youngest told everyone her next project would be making socks! We'll have to see about that... =D 



  1. Looks like you all did a great job to me :-)

  2. Beautiful! My girls were ooo'ing over the white lace fringe.