Friday, May 13, 2011

Fine Art Friday

This week we talked about Jackson Pollock - the famous 20th-century abstract expressionist. The very cool thing about Pollock is that unlike other artists, he didn't paint "things" or "people" - he tried to capture "action." We discussed a bit about Pollock's biography and his art. The size of his work alone is impressive, and although sometimes this type of art can seem like "anyone can do it," we discussed what it means to be a pioneer in a field and how that fact can make the art important.

If you have kids that are easily frustrated by drawing and painting (and not having the drawings and paintings turn out on paper as they appeared first in the mind!), a Pollock-inspired Action Painting will be right up your alley! I set out only a few colors to keep the focus on the action. We did this project outside as it is a messy one! The kids had fun trying different splattering techniques - quick whipping, slashing, banging, etc., all provide a different effect. There is no "wrong" with this type of art, and my girls found it very freeing to just have at it! I would love to do this with them again with canvas and acrylics instead of cardstock and tempera paint. I could have four Originals hanging on the walls - quick and beautiful way to decorate the house. =D

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  1. What perfect timing!! I am teaching a sumer workshop about Pollack on friday. Thanks for helping me gather my thoughts about it.