Friday, May 6, 2011

Fine Art Friday

Our artist for this week is Charles Demuth, an early 20th-century Precisionist. Precisionism is a further development of the cubist movement, and is often described as Cubist Realism. Demuth is somewhat of a local artist for us as he is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania (about an hour from where we live). I have a field trip planned to the Demuth Museum later this month.

Demuth: The Figure 5 in Gold
 Our Demuth-inspired projects are based on his famous piece "The Figure 5 in Gold" (left). For our project, we each chose a number (everyone chose her age, except my 9-year-old who chose 4 and 5, the sum of which is her age - I love that) and used it as the centerpiece. We then added intersecting lines and used oil pastels to add color. The idea was to use varying tones of the same hue to indicate changes in lighting, but of course creative license is encouraged and this effect was achieved to varying degrees by everyone.

As always, it is interesting for me to see the variety that results with each piece. The girls all use the same tools, but end up with such different finished products. In particular, it is apparent which girl has a "heavy hand" when it comes to using oil pastels and which use a lighter touch. There is no "right" way to create art, and I enjoy seeing how they all view the same artist and artwork in a different light.


  1. Love the blog! Although,this isn't a comment about your post as much as a question. Couldn't find an appropriate place for it. :)

    I noticed your picture of you, and I assume, your husband, covered in mud. Did you perhaps do a warrior dash or a mud run of sorts? My husband did a warrior dash a month or so ago in N. TX and I'm going to do another one with him in Sept. Looks like you guys had fun and was wondering your take on the course. :)

  2. Hi Amy!
    Yes - it was a Warrior Dash. It was fun, but I did look like I'd been through a battle w/cuts, abrasions, etc! The running bit was super easy b/c as it was so crowded you had to stop & wait. For me, the one thing I would do differently is wear goggles for the mud dive. We saw people w/them on and didn't get it until we were literally - and I do mean literally - blinded by mud. Plus I had mud coming out of my eyes all night. Sick. Also, knee pads wouldn't be bad as gravel does leave a mark, but that wasn't so bad.
    Good luck!! We used the Dash as a kick-off for our backpacking trip & we definitely felt warrior-like! :)