Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bringing the Wild Home

On one of our quests last week, the rangers did a program on tadpoles and frogs and gave each participant a tadpole to take home. We brought home two different tadpoles. My girls have been fascinated with the little creatures, and today, on their own, they researched enough to identify what type of frog each tadpole will grow to be and are in the process of writing up little reports to detail each frog (or toad, as the case may be). It turns out that Slacker, the larger tadpole, is a Wood Frog and MicroMan, the aptly-named small tadpole, is a Common Toad.  We'll post more pictures as they change into adults - Slacker already sprouted legs yesterday. And naturally we'll release them once they are adults. We live in front of a large pond (teeming with both common toads and wood frogs) or we would not have agreed to take them.

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