Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Break Over!

Before we left for the orthopedist yesterday, I told my husband that I was still holding out hope that the new x-ray would show that my arm wasn't broken.... And my dream came true! Basically, the first x-ray taken at urgent care apparently wasn't clear because of the swelling. The urgent care doctor did tell me they would most likely take another x-ray and I'm so glad they did!! It turns out I seriously thwacked my arm, bruised the bone (causing the major bump sticking out of my arm) and injured the connective tissue between the bones (spraining my forearm - I did not even know you could do that). So yes, it's quite painful; yes, I'm supposed to wear a sling/brace; but NO - it's not broken. And I'll be better much faster. He thinks a week if I take it easy on the arm (boo - no yoga).

I'm so relieved! =D


  1. Bummer that you can't do yoga, but yay that you will be better faster!

  2. Thanks goodness for that! Hope you heal quickly...

  3. Glad it's not as serious as they thought. Heal soon!