Thursday, April 7, 2011

Our Work in Pictures

A few snapshots of a several things the girls have been working on this week...

In art, we created visually stimulating collages to help explore the fundamentals of color theory. Using the tips on Art Projects for Kids, we made collages of warm and cool colors. The edges of their posters are kept neat and clean by folding a "window" onto the collage surface.

My oldest daughter has been busy creating different machines - motorized tanks, pulleys, levers - you name it. Unfortunately, she took them apart before I could snap a photo (mostly due to the fact that my memory card was full and I wasn't immediately ready). Her work area is full of parts and pieces.

 My 7- and 9-year-olds are reading Charlotte's Web. After reading the chapter on the fair, they each designed their own fair booth centered around a cycle found in either nature or the book. They then created a poster advertising and explaining their booth.

My youngest daughter has spent the last few weeks learning about cultures around the world. This week she focused on South America. She learned not only about the various cultures in South America, but the geography, climate, natural resources, and wildlife as well.

On the right is a photograph of a soccer ball she designed. In each space, she drew a pictures of something found in South America. She also researched a South American animal - she chose the toucan. She wrote a report and drew a picture of the animal.


  1. Oh, I like the collage idea. Very cool! Once I'm settled, working on a summer one with my son would be fun. :3

    I also wonder if he would enjoy "Charlotte's Web" or find it too sad. I remember what a good book that was when I was about 9!

  2. My girls weren't overly upset by the book. I remember being traumatized by some book where the kid's friend dies from an allergy to blueberries or something (what on earth is the name of that book?!?!? I keep calling it Blueberries for Sal but that's not it...) Anyway, they've really enjoyed it - and they keep making craft projects about spiders, spider webs, rats... Now my 7-year-old is into talking rats so she started on Emmy and Incredible Shrinking Rat. =)

  3. I am smiling. Your kids are doing college work. I have a MFA in painting. In undergrad, my greatest mentor (in education) had us do similar collages in color theory class. Very cool! I don't remember doing anything like that in my 12 years of precollege schooling,either. I still have my college color theory portfolio containing those collages.

  4. @Maggie - Very cool! I'll pass that along to my girls - they will be excited to know this. =)