Thursday, April 28, 2011

Near Miss

Today the girls went with my husband to Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. The morning started out great because I had an eye exam, work to do, and some errands to run. As I was nearing my house - approaching the final turn to our neighborhood - I was almost in a very bad car accident.  The kind where your ears are ringing with blood and your heart actually stops before it starts beating again.... A truck loaded with pigs came so close to hitting me that I could not put my hand in the space between our vehicles. Needless to say, it was very scary. And very ironic - I'm a vegan. As I stood looking at the car, the pigs were literally screaming, ramming up against the side of the truck out of fear, stress, etc., and trying to shove their way out of 6 inch breathing holes. They were piled in so close that there was no room for them to move around, and I have to imagine that many suffered injuries from (1) the enormous weight of other pigs climbing on them and (2) the jarring caused by the sudden stop of the truck as it crossed the center line and nearly killed me - it must have smacked them against the metal sides of the truck breaking who knows what. If I didn't already eschew pig, I would after seeing them in that truck. It made me feel sick. Another driver said she felt sick for the pigs... since I was okay (I thought that was an interesting way to put it, but her heart was in the right place). Boy oh boy - that was a close one for me; sadly for the many pigs on that truck I think it's safe to say that their luck (not that they really had any to begin with) had already run out. I'm really glad that I was not added to the numerous deaths at the hands of the pig factory today!  I can just see the headline: Vegan Mom Killed By Bacon-mobile.


  1. That would just be wrong. I am really glad that you came through that intact. That is terrifying. Must be the week for weird or dangerous drivers. Yesterday while at a convenience store for reasons I am unable to imagine a woman in a brand new car[still had dealer tags] hopped up on the sidewalk and drove on it between the store front and the other cars {including mine} in the parking lot. And then went inbetween my car and another to get to the gas pumps on the other side of the parking lot that were easily accessible via normal routes. And she sat there. The windows were tinted darkly so I have no idea if this person was drunk, out of their mind, or just whatever it was that caused them to become so confused to drive on a sidewalk under a store front awning. ?!

  2. Wow. That would have been scary. I am glad to hear you are ok and that your girls were not with you. It would have been really terryfying to them!

  3. @bpbproadrunner = W-H-A-T?!?!? That is insane! So glad no one was hurt. Yikes, that's something out of a movie. Holy crow. There should be better testing for driving!

    @Ales = Exactly - I am so glad they were not in the car. It was such an eerie experience for me, I can't imagine how it would have affected them!

  4. holy bacon, batman! I'm glad everyone survived that incident! What are there truck loads of pigs doing in your neighborhood?! Wow. And I wish I'd known it was Take Your Kid to Work Day, I would have loved to send mine off with my husband and had a day to myself - minus farm truck incidents, of course ;)

  5. @ Pam - lol...
    I live in farm country, ma'am. Our house actually backs up to a farm (grain), and "across the way" is nothing but farms, farms, farms (of all variety, apparently including pig). Until you hit the river, then it's marinas, marinas, marinas. ;)

    The Kid to Work thing is great! They have fun, you have a break... enough said! =D Here's a link to the website in case you want to look ahead for next year: