Friday, April 29, 2011

The Case for Cursive?

I know homeschoolers are all over the place on cursive vs. printing, and the importance of handwriting in general (though most I know end up deciding that "legibility" is pretty important after trying to decipher notes and letters from out dear ones).  This week, the NY Times weighs in with this article. After reading the article, I have to say that some things ring true for me - I have a daughter with dysgraphia, and cursive was a very good thing for her. All of my girls were desperate to learn cursive (probably because I write in a strange hybrid) so they are all learning it. My feelings are that if nothing else, they need to be able to read cursive. It's certainly a topic that isn't crucial, yet provides plenty of food for thought - for example, I wish I could write in the artful and elaborate style of the 19th century. Is the only value in that aesthetic? Even if it is, I value beauty and art. That being said, Handwriting Without Tears (arguably the least "beautiful" type of writing, though very legible) is what I've used with my kids when they expressed an interest in cursive. Why? It's easy and pain-free. I'm not sure that's a good answer, but it's the truth.


  1. I'm going with D'nealian but may switch over to Zaner-bloser at some point. It is just so pretty!

  2. Thanks for all of your insight and advice with MBtP! The handwriting topic comes up in almost daily conversation here and I'm glad I have some time before I really have to figure out which side, method, etc, I am going to land on! Thanks for the interesting read!