Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Awaiting Mystery Diagnosis

Since last week, I've been kept quite busy with my seven-year old (hence, no posts). Trips to the ER, the primary physician, blood work, x-rays, urine samples... and still we do not have an answer. My next step is to make an appointment with Dr. House, but unfortunately he only takes cases where the patients are actors.

My daughter suffers from chronic abdominal pain and her pediatrician and I have discussed it. I was planning to take her to a GI doctor but had yet to make the appointment for various reasons (I'm trying to keep this short, and I could write a page on that alone). In the last week, however, it has taken a definite turn for the worse. I was able to make her an appointment with a pediatric GI... on April 27th. Come on. Really??? I am KICKING myself for holding off on making that appointment! At least we might have already been 'on the books' or something when this struck. Our pediatrician told me that basically one of two things will happen: (1) this acute period will resolve and she will go back to 'normal' (normal for her being a person who gets serious stomach aches every day, sometimes 2-3 times a day) and she can go to her 4/27 appointment; or (2) she will get worse and will end up being admitted before 4/27.


Meanwhile, I'm calling the GI department every day to check on cancellations, and I'm calling two other nearby children's hospitals to see if we can get in there any sooner, though the closest one (with the 4/27 appointment) is certainly better if we end up needing to go back and forth for treatment, etc. And I've googled her symptoms a billion times and received a billion results. Go figure. The next step? Channeling Dr. House and his team. Or... maybe if I watch enough episodes there will be one with a character that matches her symptoms... Sigh.


  1. Oh girl;( I am so sorry to hear about your daughter's troubles! Nothing is worse than a little one not feeling well and not knowing WHY! I mean really what do you pay those guys for! Sending you ((HUGS)) from NC for a speedy diagnosis and recovery! Sending good juju to the appointments desk right now! ;)

    Keep us posted

  2. Good grief, April 27?! I'm in the wrong business, obviously. I hope she feels better soon and this all gets straightened out.

  3. @ Erin - I know, right? It's insane. They actually told me that this is a big improvement b/c they've added more doctors to the department. I am really thinking this is going to be Functional Abdominal Pain Syndrome. Her celiac test came back negative, and everything else is normal (except hour+ attacks of pain). Her WBC was a little low, but nothing worrisome... So we wait. And keep calling the appt. line...

  4. I was just going to ask you about celiac! We are getting tested soon because we have mystery issues abounding in our household, although not as serious-sounding as yours. I'll be thinking positive thoughts for your little girl and hoping that they get this straightened out soon.

    Is there any hope of getting on a cancellation list?

  5. @ Ruralmama - they don't have a list... I guess they would have way too many people on it (the appt is at the children's hospital so it's very busy). I simply have to call and call. And call.

    I have celiac so if that ends up being the case for you guys, I have lots of experience!