Tuesday, February 22, 2011


UnjournalingI just found this great resource - Unjournaling by Dawn DiPrince and am excited to share in case there are other writing-friendly families out there in need of some spice. I cannot wait to start using this with my kids! Last year, every Friday we did a fun journaling exercise. Sometimes based on the "history of the day," sometimes I drew topics from random trivia like "National Peanut Butter Week" and things like that, other times I just made up topics ... and we all had at it. I joined the kids in the process and everyone worked to her own ability.  My girls turned out some really amazing and interesting entries! This year we haven't been doing a structured journal activity, and I find that I really miss it. When I saw this book, I knew it would be fun for everyone - including Mom. I'll share the blurb from the back, and I think you'll see why it's a great fit for our quirky family...

"The more than 200 impersonal but engaging writing prompts in this exercise book help students practice their writing skills without asking them to share personal thoughts they would rather keep to themselves. Quirky, challenging, and humorous, the ideas encourage lighthearted creativity with such topics as writing about a girl named Dot without using any letters with dots (such as i or j), describing a person named Chris by the reactions of others as he walks into a room, or creating three completely different sentences with the word crumpled."


  1. This sounds like just the book we've been looking for! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Ooh! I have that book. My reluctant-writer, 11 year old boy LOVES it! We do it for fun sometimes when we don't want to do our usual writing curriculum. :)