Thursday, February 24, 2011

Home Ec 101

Before... drab, boring, yawn.
After... colorful, custom, pop!
My home ec project of the week: re-covering the dining room chairs. We have a very traditional dining room, and the fabric that came with the chairs (boring white) was killing me. I'm all about color and personality in my space.  I switched it up to something that keeps the traditional feel, but has great pops of color and a richer texture. I changed out the trim from matchy-matchy to an accent color. Much better! And the girls have now learned what's involved in measuring the fabric and trim, deconstructing the chairs, using the industrial staple gun, and putting it all back together. It makes the room go from blah to bling. Plus I got the fabric on deep discount, and that makes me very happy. With a limitless budget, I could have found fabric that sang a bit louder to me, but I was able to change up these chairs for about $5 per chair. And I'm definitely in love with that because I still have money leftover to do the windows! 

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