Monday, February 21, 2011

By the Book

Reading is huge in our house, as it is in the homes of many homeschoolers. Obviously, we read books for school and related to school. But we read many times more books simply for the pleasure of it. I distinctly remember being in school and being assigned books I had no interest in reading. However, some of those books ended up being among my favorites, or if not favorites, books from which I learned quite a bit or had to think very hard about topics on which I had not previously spent much time thinking. I enjoyed that facet of my education experience so much, in fact, that I actively seek out book discussions so that I am "forced" to read books outside my comfort zone. Many times the groups select books with topics on which I thought I had no interest, or by authors I believe I didn't like. For example, in one group we read The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Not a book that brings a smile to your face, and while I was reading I felt annoyed at wasting my time on such a depressing novel. However - the discussion from that book remains one of my favorite discussions, and it totally changed my perspective on the novel. The discussion brought a new dimension to the novel and completely changed the experience for me. I try to do this with my children - especially when they have a hard time getting into a book I know has value (Johnny Tremain comes to mind).

Recently, I've contemplated the benefit of discussion groups and wondered about starting a discussion group for my daughters. (My oldest daughter asked me specifically about starting a group, and I'm investigating whether this is a feasible option right now.) This got me thinking about starting (another) book group for me - one with fellow homeschoolers. I find homeschoolers to be an interesting and eclectic group, which makes for a great discussion group. I'm just not sure I know enough homeschoolers in a small enough geographic area to make it happen!

Oh well, something to think about!

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