Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Well, they aren't butterflies yet, so maybe I need to change that to "Larvae!" but somehow doesn't sound as nice...
Six tiny caterpillars arrived today (special delivery, complete with a warming pad and food). The girls are  excited to watch them develop and grow. And I must admit, so am I. We have had butterflies before, but it's been long enough that the memories are fuzzy. It is amazing to watch them emerge from the chrysalis as beautiful butterflies when you saw them arrive as little black "worms." We love our tiny insect friends here. Last year we were overrun with tiny praying mantes - they escaped the habitat (or rather, were set free by One Curious Child) and were all over our house. Fortunately, we managed to gather them and put them in our garden. Of course, the best part about this is that it means spring must not be too far away and with it warmer weather. Much like the tiny caterpillars, we are slowly changing each day as the sun stays longer in the sky. We actually went on our morning walk again today - it's been over a month since our last "morning constitutional." It was cold and windy, but not as cold and windy as it has been. And it was sunny. And alive. We saw hundreds of birds take off from the pond and fly overhead, we could see the little changes happening to the trees and bushes, the grass, which we can actually see now, doesn't seem as dead... things still looks ugly and gray (like our caterpillars). So we just have to wait for the world to emerge from its chrysalis in a few weeks.

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