Thursday, February 10, 2011

American Heroes

by DD9
by DD7
In honor of Black History Month, the girls have been reading biographies about important men and women in history.  I am so excited that my children have read so many fabulous books - they have learned so much and we have had some great discussions. In order to honor these heroes, each of the girls made a poster (well, three of the four have made her poster - my oldest is reading a lengthy biography on the man she chose and hasn't finished yet). 

by DD6
I thought I'd share their work. This seemingly simple project actually provoked deeper thinking as the girls had to ask themselves what to include on the poster. It was tough as they wanted to include much, much more than they had room for. The girls each had different thoughts on what made her hero important to her and what facts she wanted to share. As February rolls on, we may create more posters - I know we'll keep reading!


  1. Hi Mommy! I'm sorry I didn't finish my poster yet! The Obama book is pretty thick!!
    ~Purple Pixie~ (aka your daughter!!:D)

  2. Love the posters! ~Julie