Thursday, January 6, 2011

Secular Thursday

I spent some time this morning reading various articles, blogs, and book excerpts on a topic that seems, on the surface at least, not to relate to me in any way. And not only not to relate to me, but not to relate to homeschooling (least of all secular homeschooling) by any stretch of the imagination: infertility and religion.

But as I take a wide-lens view to education, and I consider this apropos.

You're probably wondering why. Or at least wondering what I hit my head on this morning. But hear me out... This is not a topic I know much about from personal experience. I have friends, I have acquaintances, but I have no experience myself and thus haven't thrown myself into the topic as I might if I were personally affected and involved. I decided this morning that while I have a rudimentary grasp on the topic, I didn't have enough knowledge to satiate my curiosity, my sympathy. Coming at it from outside the circle of involved participants allows me to react not with raw emotion (though certainly emotion is there), but with thoughtfulness and wonder. And I realized that this is a wish I have for my children: to want to pursue knowledge where knowledge is lacking, and to be able to entertain the beliefs of others with respect and wonder. And it's my job as educator and parent to ensure this happens. It is my choice to do so from a secular perspective, but we are all connected in this life and it is important to understand and respect the traditions and beliefs held by others, even if we do not share them.

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