Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter Holiday Party

My girls and I hosted a Winter Holiday Cookie and Craft party yesterday. Another mom and I run an American Girl Doll Club for girls 8 and up, and my daughters wanted to have their friends from AG Club over for a holiday party. It was a huge success. We decorated our kitchen and sun rooms as snowy winter wonderlands with snowflakes hanging from the ceiling. The girls made jingle bell bracelets, wreaths from puzzle pieces, pins that look like wrapped presents, and matching doll-and-me scarves. They played gift wrap relay, pass the snow ball and hot holiday present. Plus they each had a turn guessing how much candy was in a jar (can you believe the winner only missed by one candy - she guessed 400 and the correct answer was 401!).  And of course, we had hundreds (literally) of cookies to decorate, which they were able to bring home in holiday tins. I think my favorite moment was when the girls spontaneously started singing Christmas carols as we were making the scarves. Just priceless. I'm not sure if this party will become an annual event, but at the very least it made this year very memorable!

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  1. That sounds like a fantastic time! I wish we lived near you!!

    I ran an AG group at the library (I am a librarian) for 2 years. We ended it last year. I kind of miss it. We did one doll/girl a month. It was fun.