Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Break!

I was feeling overburdened, stressed and generally too busy ... and just like that, we are officially starting our winter break a week early!  I am planning to continue with math drills, our art projects and music. But aside from that, we are baking, sewing and crafting our way through the holidays (see our paper plate menorahs and winter carolers for today's examples). The two oldest girls are currently knitting gifts for family members, they all plan to make blankets and scarves for each other, and we're having a winter holiday cookie decorating party at our house next week so we're busy planning and organizing for that.  I don't know if the "break" will actually be relaxing, but at least it's fun!


  1. Ok your carolers are just gorgeous. Would love some details on how you made these, although I think for hte most part I can figure it out!

  2. Aren't they adorable?? So simple, too. I can't remember where I saw this, so here is how we made them:

    1. Paint a paper tube (we took paper towel tubes and cut them to make a variety of sizes) & let dry

    2. Cut a face out of construction paper

    3. Draw eyes and a mouth with a Sharpie

    4. Add pink cheeks with a colored pencil

    5. Glue to the tube

    6. Cut mittens from construction paper (we matched our tubes)

    7. Cut sheet music (you can print out free sheet music and cut to size)

    8. Glue the mittens to the music, let dry; then glue the mittens to the tube

    9. Cut the tops off of old kids socks and tie with raffia, ribbon, yarn, or whatever you choose (I used hemp twine)

    10. Voila!