Monday, December 27, 2010

Taking the bad with the good...

The Bad
Well, not bad maybe, just not as good.
We're back from three (yes THREE) weeks off from school. Nothing like a long break to make coming back that much harder. This morning we had tears, whining, crumbling to the floor, and fits of anger. And that was just me. Just kidding (though I may have felt like doing some of that in response to all the grief I was getting).  Actually, my reaction to all of this was relief. Why? Because I'm glad they're getting all out of their system today. It means that the rest of the week will be peaceful by comparison. And I should add that by the end of the school day the level of complaining decreased noticeably. Until moments ago when I mentioned it was time to practice their instruments....

Ah, the joys of homeschooling! =)

The Good
 Our break was long, but it felt very short as we managed to cram so much into those three weeks. The best part of our time off was a trip to the mountains for some skiing and relaxation. All four girls were enrolled in all-day ski school and my husband and I were actually able to SKI this trip. We even took a few lessons ourselves. We also spent time sledding, playing in the snow, tubing, hanging out at a cabin, decorating cookies, learning to crochet, playing games as a family and generally just enjoying the snow and winter. We got back just in time for Christmas.  It was definitely worth the rough start coming back to take the time off and enjoy ourselves in a true winter wonderland!


  1. Sounds like you had a great holiday.

    We started back today too :) It was relatively painless, but I shudder to think what tomorrow will be like!

  2. Sounds fun!! We start back up next week....wondering how it will go..I am feeling eager, I have a lot of new ideas and things I want to try...we'll see how my girls do!

  3. It was fun - I think part of our "rough start" was the fact that everyone was wiped out from the week away followed by the excitement of Christmas. We probably could have used a recovery week... =)