Friday, November 19, 2010

Quarter End!!!

It's here - it's really here!! The end of our first quarter of school! I haven't been able to post because I've been too busy wrapping up final projects, essays, Greek & Latin root exams, dioramas and exploding volcanoes, Thanksgiving pumpkins and Indian Corn paintings... the list goes on and on and on. But today - it has ended (at least until Monday when we'll start Quarter 2).  HURRAY!!!

To celebrate I took the girls to see the newest Harry Potter movie. Yes, it's dark and violent, but since they've all read/listened to the book I decided it would be fine to delve into the visuals this one time. And they have been looking forward to seeing it since we finished the series. So after lunch I loaded 'em up, in full Hogwarts attire - robes and wands - to see the movie. I even let them get candy at the theater (this may not seem like a big deal, but I think my kids can count on one hand the number of times Mom has purchased candy for them). We had so much fun and can't wait for the 2nd half of the last movie to come out next year. Hopefully it will line up with another quarter end. =)

Now I'm off to bask in having finished 25 % of the school year...


  1. Yay!! This is our first year of homeschooling and I have not really figured out how to end a quarter... We just keep going. But I realized that parent-teacher conferences were this week at the public school, so I was thinking of sitting down with each of my kids and telling them where I think they are doing well and what could use improvement.

    We are excited to see this movie too. My 11 year old is a HUGE HP fan!

  2. Hi Theresa!
    I started out the same way - we just kept going until we stopped. But I've found that breaking the year into 'chunks' helps me visualize how much we've accomplished and keeps me motivated. I just number the weeks (this year we're doing 36 weeks) and then divide by four - voila! - quarters. =) I also put a notecard with every week (1-36) up on the back of the door and each week the girls take turns pulling off a card. They really like this (especially towards the end of the year).

    Enjoy the movie!

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