Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fall Leaves

Our next few art projects focus on learning different techniques and creating rather than art history. This project, Leaf Stamping, involves finding a somewhat fresh leaf, painting it with white paint and stamping it by pressing it paint-side down on black paper and placing a scrap paper on top. You then rub to create an imprint of the veins, stem, etc. The result is a stamp which looks somewhat like a fossil, according to my girls. After the white paint is dry, sponge a few different colors into the negative space, and - VOILA! - instant (and inexpensive) fall decor.

Another fun project involves india ink and a dip pen, textured, colored paper, and conte crayons.  With pencil, lightly draw a small collection of leaves. Add details. Trace with ink, and when dry add highlights with the conte crayons. Finish by shading with ink. This example was done with and orange-brown paper and  ink, but to make it kid-friendly I recommend using markers and black pens as india ink is indelible (even on skin - at least for several days).

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  1. Pretty! I was looking for fall/leaf crafts - we may do this for co-op Friday :)