Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sousa Rocks!

If you're looking to do a composer study, may I recommend John Philip Sousa? This has to be one of the most fun studies we've done, and we're only on Day One.  Classics for Kids has lots of good information, including an audio show for the kids and a biography page with activities. Free samples of his music abound on the internet in case you don't have a CD of marching band music handy. Mike Venezia has a fun biography to read. And the best parts? Your children are already familiar with many of the tunes. They probably just didn't know they were composed by Sousa. And the tunes themselves ... make you want to get up and move. Or at least wave a flag of some sort. My girls want to listen to Sousa as they do the rest of their school work because the songs "make the day go faster."  And each is now determined to learn an instrument that can be played in a marching band (in addition to the violin and piano, which they claim would not make good marching instruments - wise kids).

I wonder if I can start playing Sousa at 6:30am as a replacement for the traditional alarms the girls have? 

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