Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Can-do Kandinsky

The thing about the famous painting - Farbstudie Quadrate - is that it looks simple. You think, "What's all the fuss? That's so simple. I'll make my own."  And then you try and you realize, "Ah - simple can be deceiving."  This is especially true for children. Or at least mine. Last week, we sat around the table and took turns reading the biography page I prepared. Then we looked at some of Kandinsky's work, ending with the Farbstudie piece. "Simple! That's so easy!" they cried.  And then we began the project - a torn paper and oil pastel piece inspired by the Kandinsky work. They were quickly frustrated that it was not as easy as it looked. But they persisted.

It turns out, color plays a huge role in a successful piece (not surprising, since color was integral to Kandinsky as well), and it was quite challenging for my girls to select all the colors they wanted and to be happy with the finished product. Especially because after the paper dried, we needed to add additional color with oil pastels. I could relate - I found it challenging to choose pastels that would highlight and complement without being redundant.  After more time than I had planned on, the girls were pleased with their pieces and we put them up on our art line (hence the clothespins in the pictures).

As an aside... the art line is one of the best things I've done this year - I put fishing line all around the perimeter of the room so that we can display our art even though we are short on wall space. In the photo, you can see that the line is not taut enough, but this weekend I had my husband re-do the line with nails instead of the pushpins I used.

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