Saturday, September 18, 2010

Who, me?

After a super busy first week homeschooling, I was feeling like a terrible blogger - almost as if I should be on the lookout for Blog Services to come and report me for being negligent - when I received my first ever blog award. I received this comment from InstinctiveMom over at This Adventure Life: Finding the Fantastic in Everyday Learning. What a great way to end the first week back to homeschooling. And a fun way to re-enter the world of blogging.

I read so many wonderful blogs, though not always as often as I would like. I love how blogs allow us snapshots of lives, insight into mental processes, and a glimpse of the beautiful, the terrible, and everything in between. I have found blogging provides an outlet to express myself regarding my homeschooling journey (and life) that is hard to find in other places. I know that other bloggers enjoy similar assuagement from the daily grind as well, so I'm passing the award along as per the award rules...

The rules of this award are simple and straightforward:
  1. Accept the award. Post it on your blog with the name of the person who has granted the award and his or her blog link.
  2. Pay it forward to 15 other bloggers that you have newly discovered.
  3. Contact those blog owners and let them know they’ve been chosen.
Here are the fabulous bloggers to whom I'm passing along this Lovely Blog Award. They don't need to accept it, but I want to pass it along so that anyone reading will check them out (this was quite hard because I've noticed so many blogs I read have received this exact award... pardon if you receive it twice!).
  1. Windshield Rosary
  2. Athena Academy
  3. Ramblings of a Dysfunctional Homeschooler
  4. Grandview Home Learning Academy
  5. Camp Creek Blog
  6. Homeschool on the Edge of Nowhere
  7. Schola
  8. O'DonnellWeb
  9. Niqis Nook
  10. The Fantastic Robot Palace
  11. The Scientific Homeschool
  12. Home Educate in Italy
  13. Our Splendid Adventure
  14. Homespun Juggling
  15. Raising3Thinkers
Happy blog reading! And thanks, InstinctiveMom, for thinking of me!


  1. Thank you! What a lovely surprise! And it's very nice to meet you. I love the name of your blog. I always feel a bit lost myself! Thank you for visiting my little corner of the blogosphere!

    Peace and Laughter,

  2. Oh my goodness! I haven't blogged in what seems like a thousand years and when I checked in this morning...there was your lovely award comment sitting in my in-box. Thank you. Life has been insane lately, and your comment really made my day.
    Thank you.