Monday, September 20, 2010

Not-Back-to-School Self-Portraits

This year, we're using what used to be the playroom as "home base" for homeschooling. We have lots of workspace, two computers, arts and crafts supplies, and a beautiful view of the farm and pond behind our house. Outside the room, the doorway is flanked by two bookcases which house many of our childrens' books (both homeschooling and other).

I decided it would be fun to put up four frames (one for each girl) next do the door. There are two on each side, and last week for art I had each girl make a self-portrait. We followed the Hundertwassen-inpsired self-portraits that Kathy describes on her blog, Art Projects for Kids. We had so much fun making these - I highly recommend this project! I even made one, but as I don't have a frame it's on the bulletin board over my desk. At the bottom of each picture the girls wrote their names in block letter, but I cut them out of the picture (cyber-safety and all that). I am happy, not only with the results of the project, but with all the learning that went into it - we read the Hundertwassen biography, looked at his work, looked at other work from the same genre... overall, I think this was a big hit.


  1. Cool project - your children did a wonderful job!

  2. These turned out brilliantly! My boys just did the Hundertwasser inspired contour tree drawings from Kathy's website. Love this artist and love the Art Projects for Kids site, such a great resource for homeschool art.