Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fablehaven Heaven

We always listen to audio books in the car. Not only is it interesting and helps to pass the time, but it cuts down tremendously on bickering and arguing. A bonus is that as they read along with books that are above their reading level, my younger girls become better, more fluent readers. We have listened to a wide variety of books - classics, fantasy, mystery, adventure, non-fiction, etc. Currently, we are finishing the Fablehaven series. This series is rapidly climbing very high on my list of all-time favorite audio books. I find myself thinking about taking the long way home just to keep listening. My husband feels the same way and told me he wishes he could listen more often (he managed to hear a good part of several of the books as we drove across the state this summer). He made me promise to tell him how the story ends. In detail.

While the series is probably best-suited for middle school children, my group (six- to ten-years old) loves the series. Two children play a central role in a traditional battle of good versus evil. Despite the somewhat predictable overall theme, I find the characters intriguing, the storyline fun and engaging, and the way the author entwines the magical world with the real world inventive. Additionally, Brandon Mull finds many opportunities to impart valuable life lessons to the readers without making it overly obvious. Many times in the past weeks I've compared a current real-life situation to the fictional dilemmas the main characters encounter in the story. Overall, I recommend this series - especially if you have a long car ride ahead and want something the whole family can enjoy*. 

*The story does contain scenes which may be scary for younger children (in my opinion, similar to Harry Potter).

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  1. We use audio books too. My parents live 13 hours south of us and we drive it in a day. We love to choose a long audio book to listen to and find it passes the time more engagingly for all of us than most anything else. Older daughter , 8, just listened to Gary Paulsen, The Hatchet. She was so engaged. She is not much of a reader yet and sometimes I get frustrated and just want to say no more audio books just read instead, but she would miss it so much. She prefers to draw while listening. I second guess myself whether to push the issue. I will have a look at the Fablehaven series as it looks right up our alley.